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Preconditioned Calf Sales
Next Preconditioned Calf Sale:

May 1st at 10:00 AM

2021 Pre-Conditioned Calf Sales:

                     - May 1st at 10:00 AM
                     - September 11th at 10:00 AM
                     - December 4th​ at 10:00 AM

Pre Condition Sale Requirements:

1. 7 or 8 way Blackleg

2.Respiratory Virus Vaccine (IBR/PI3-BVD/BRSV)


4.All bulls castrated 30 days prior to sale.

5.Castration with a knife is recommended, however banding is allowed but the band must be placed on a minimum of 45 days before the sale date and cattle completely healed.

6.All horned cattle must be tipped and weaned 30-40 days prior to sale.

7.Cattle must be on feed.

8.All cattle must be delivered to VZCC the Wednesday prior to sale date.

9.Cattle will be weighed on the Thursday prior to sale date.

10.Cattle will be sorted Thursday by type and weight, then co-mingled with other cattle to be offered in uniform lots.

11.Cattle delivered with an excess fill may be subject to a 2% shrink at the discretion of VZCC.

12.All cattle in a particular lot will be sold at same price to highest bidder. The selling price for each lot will be multiplied times the initial weight of each producers calves (less a possible 2% shrink), to determine the gross sales price of calves within a particular lot.

13.All cattle will be subject to customary commission fees and related expenses.

14.All cattle will be placed on feed from delivery to shipping at the customary expense to the seller.

15.All cattle that do NOT meet guidelines or do NOT fit any one particular lot will be sold in the regular sale at the current weight for that day. (Saturday)

16.All sales are absolute.

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